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Writing Topics

Narrative |  Process Classification | Division | Comparison and Contrast | Cause and Effect | Example/Illustration | Description | Persuasive |

Here are some writing topics grouped according to method of development.  Most will be appropriate for paragraphs and essays.


Tell a story about:

  1. A time when you were pressured to do something by friends

  2. The generosity of a friend

  3. A person who influenced you

  4. Getting "ripped off"

  5. An exciting sports moment

  6. Losing something valuable

  7. An experience with authority

  8. A big social mistake

  9. A childhood thrill

  10. Your first job/date/day at college/etc.

  11. An accident or a violent incident

  12. How you got that scar


Tell or describe how to:

  1. Deal with a bad boss

  2. Buy a used car

  3. Get into shape

  4. Prepare for a job interview you really want/really don't want

  5. Plan a vacation

  6. Deal with a rude person.

  7. Survive on a low budget

  8. Live a life of leisure

  9. Burglarproof your home

  10. Maintain your car/bike/body/relationship/etc.

  11. Succeed in school/at work/in sports/etc.

  12. Stop smoking


Group or classify:

  1. Students/teachers/parents

  2. Friendships/relationships

  3. Jobs

  4. Vacations

  5. Diets

  6. Cars/bikes/machines/etc.

  7. Television shows/movies/books/computers/video games/etc  

  8. Hobbies/sports/leisure activities

  9. Pets

  10. Crimes

  11. Bad Habits

  12. Parties/weddings/social events


Analyze the qualities of:

  1. A great athlete

  2. The ideal city

  3. A strong marriage

  4. An entertaining book/film/play/television show/etc.

  5. The perfect crime

  6. The personality of a family member, friend or other influential person

  7. Your dream car/house/gaming system/entertainment system/etc.

  8. The perfect holiday

  9. A great concert

  10. A good education

  11. Your ideal job

  12. A great meal/party/social event/etc.

Comparison and Contrast

Compare and contrast:

  1. Two places you have lived in or visited

  2. Two people you have known

  3. Two schools/stores/houses/apartments/restaurants/etc.

  4. Two different ways of doing something e.g., formal learning vs. learning on the job

  5. Now and then: a person, place or thing

  6. City and country living

  7.  Two jobs you have had

  8. Life before and after: marriage, divorce, children, new job, etc.

  9. Cars, bicycles, computer games, etc.

  10. Big screen movies and videos

  11. Ideal diet with most diets

  12. Two ways of solving a problem

Cause and Effect

Explain causes (reasons) or effects (results) of:

  1. Owning a car/not owing a car

  2. Success/failure in school, business, relationships

  3. Drinking too much coffee, watching too much television, eating too much junk food, etc.

  4. Marriage breakdown

  5. Stress

  6. Procrastination

  7. Owning a pet

  8. Losing/getting a job

  9. Bullying

  10. Pollution

  11. Drug or alcohol dependency

  12. An accident or personal disaster: e.g., a car accident, house fire, etc.


Use examples to make a case for:

  1. Driving skills are on the decline.

  2. The internet has changed the way we communicate.

  3. Violence in sports has gone too far

  4. Rude behaviour is becoming more common

  5. There's a pet for everyone

  6. Our society is becoming more/less violent

  7. Older people don't act "old" anymore

  8. Commercialism is destroying our cities

  9. Learning something new often begins in frustration

  10. The best relationships are sometimes the most unlikely or least expected

  11. Jobs that I've hated

  12. People that I've admired



  1. A person you respect

  2. A place you have lived in

  3. A scene that has affected you emotionally

  4. An object of desire

  5. A pet

  6. The scene of an accident

  7. Your house after a party

  8. A view you'd like to be looking at

  9. Your feelings when you sit down to write

  10. Your reaction to a piece of good/bad news

  11. How you felt after a time of extreme physical exertion

  12. How you felt about getting something that you had worked hard for


Make a case for or against:

  1. College tuition should be free

  2. Smoking should be banned form all public places/the bans against smoking are going too far

  3. Marijuana should be decriminalized/medicinal marijuana should be freely available

  4. Professional athletes are over paid/People take professional sports too seriously

  5. Penalties for drinking and driving are too light

  6. Parents should be held responsible for the crimes of their children

  7. All children should play team sports

  8. Dog owners should be responsible for the actions of their pets

  9. SUV owners should pay extra road taxes

  10. The government should stop building casinos

  11. Private medical clinics should be allowed to operate freely

  12. Drug addiction should be treated as a medical issue, not a criminal one




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